Mumbai – A city, Bombay – A phenomenon

There’s always an emotional feeling attached to the city you grew up in. An alternate city that you move to can never replace that feeling. However, there are very few cities that make you feel welcome. By welcome, I mean that you can adjust yourself quickly to such places because there is always something here that reminds you of your home city. But Mumbai (Bombay, I still love calling it that way) is something all together. People move in here every single day for different reasons. While most of them move here in search of a better career, there are some who move here because […]

Is it difficult to make new friends as you grow old?

I remember discussing this with a friend of mine. How many of us are quick at making friends? And how many of us find it difficult to talk to new people and include them in our lives? Was it easier to make friends when we were kids or is it easier now? A friend as a kid: When we were kids all we wanted was someone with whom we could go out to play at any time of the day. We needed someone who was capable enough to pull us out of our study hours and sneak out to have some fun. A friend as a […]

“The Walk” – Movie – 6 Lessons learnt !

I regretted watching this movie in 2D. But I’m happy I watched it in the big screen. Joseph Gordon-Levitt starrer, “THE WALK” is one of the finest movies made this year. Directed by Steve Starkey, the 123-minute account of a French high-wire artist Philippe Petit‘s walk between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center on August 6, 1974, cannot be missed. Steve Starkey’s “ForrestGump” is undoubtedly one of my favorite movies of all times.  After watching “The Walk”, I began writing a review about the movie. But, midway I decided to write about the lessons I took away from the movie. Every scene in the movie was well-defined and […]

5 Museum Thrillers you cannot miss !!

Museums and mystery go hand is hand, like crime and cop. Never does a museum exist without a mystery revolving around it. Every article placed in a museum carries a history with it which makes you go back in time and reciprocate on the life that once was. A life that is beyond one’s imagination, especially due to modernisation. For those who love thrillers and mysteries, a museum is a delight. I am someone like that and every city that I visit, I make it a point to visit the famous museums of that city. My fascination drove me to write my very first novel. […]

Fujairah – A weekend Getaway

A long weekend was around the corner and nothing but a relaxing holiday was all we could think of. Recently I had heard from a couple of people of that Fujairah seemed to be a nice place to spend a couple of days incase one wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of Dubai. We immediately went to take help from our trusted hotel booking websites ( and Thankfully, gave us a perfect deal and we spent the two days in engulfed in the mountainous terrain. If you are visiting the UAE anytime soon then do spend a day or two […]

What happened to SHEENA BORA?

Three years ago, a young women in her early 20’s was head over heels in love with a man who was supposedly her step-nephew. Such great was a love-story that even the father of the boy and the apparent “jiju” of the girl was willing to get them married. To add a twist to this love saga, just like every other story, enters the step-sister of the girl who happens to be highly conservative about the entire story as she happens to be the boy’s step-mother. She tries her best to separate them as this woman feels it is extremely unvirtuous. A few days later, […]

Character Sketching in a novel

What is the first thing that lingers in your mind after you’ve completed a novel? The story? The Writer? The Characters? Which one of the above do you use to relate to the story? I’m sure it is the ‘characters’ in your story. Well, for me it has always been the characters who live even after the story dies away over a period of time.  Harry Potter, Hercule Poirot, King Lair, Sherlock Holmes etc are a few of the may characters that live in our hearts even today. Although they were all characters that never lived a human life, all of us know the way […]

Dubai – my first thoughts !

I’ve been thinking of getting back to serious blogging for quite a while now. But today as I was watching the movie “Wake up Sid”, I saw myself in Aisha’s shoes. Just like her I’ve moved to a new city, infact a new country. I’ve decided to discover a new career path just like her. I’ve set up a new home and I’m deeply trying to discover this city that I’ve moved to – DUBAI. The only difference is that I’ve moved in with my husband which makes it all the more exciting. Dubai in a single glance DUBAI- what do I speak about it? […]

That brings a smile across…

Happiness has many definitions. Some relate it to inner peace that you may find at a quiet place up in the hills or some may relate it material wealth. According to me happiness is something that I find in the smallest of things. Happiness is not something that you go in search for, it knocks on your door in a million ways and you just need to notice it and acknowledge it with a smile on your face.  When I sat down to make a list of those simple reasons that make me smile, every time I penned down a reason, my lips automatically curved […]

India’s Daughter – BBC Documentary – A must Watch !!

In 2012, when I first heard about the rape of a young girl in a moving bus, I had felt an uneasiness in my stomach. The uneasiness twirled a few cells in my body and made me want to vomit. Today when I saw this video going viral on the internet, I felt the same. Even after 2 years, the uneasiness remains. The reason why it does is because the mindset remains the same. Even after the rapists were given the highest sentence, rapes continue to happen. Today when I watched the video, I was in tears. A young woman who would have grown to be […]