Is it difficult to make new friends as you grow old?

I remember discussing this with a friend of mine. How many of us are quick at making friends? And how many of us find it difficult to talk to new people and include them in our lives? Was it easier to make friends when we were kids or is it easier now? A friend as a kid: When we were kids all we wanted was someone with whom we could go out to play at any time of the day. We needed someone who was capable enough to pull us out of our study hours and sneak out to have some fun. A friend as a […]

Meant to be Soulmates – A note for my best Friend!!

It was a week after Higher secondary school had begun.I had seen her for the very first time in the stairs of our school right next to the wall where hung the photo of Christ. She was accompanied by another friend of mine.  “Hey Nitha”, I told her and realised who she was. We had studied in the same school 5 years back and I had moved to another city after that as my dad was transferred from Pune. 5 years later I was back to Pune(The city I loved and will always love) and joined a junior college where I met her again. Her […]