Fujairah – A weekend Getaway

A long weekend was around the corner and nothing but a relaxing holiday was all we could think of. Recently I had heard from a couple of people of that Fujairah seemed to be a nice place to spend a couple of days incase one wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of Dubai. We immediately went to take help from our trusted hotel booking websites (Booking.com and Hotels.com). Thankfully, Booking.com gave us a perfect deal and we spent the two days in engulfed in the mountainous terrain. If you are visiting the UAE anytime soon then do spend a day or two […]

Dubai – my first thoughts !

I’ve been thinking of getting back to serious blogging for quite a while now. But today as I was watching the movie “Wake up Sid”, I saw myself in Aisha’s shoes. Just like her I’ve moved to a new city, infact a new country. I’ve decided to discover a new career path just like her. I’ve set up a new home and I’m deeply trying to discover this city that I’ve moved to – DUBAI. The only difference is that I’ve moved in with my husband which makes it all the more exciting. Dubai in a single glance DUBAI- what do I speak about it? […]

The Downtown Flea – Come untangle yourself !!

The month of December is known to gather tourists from around the world to the blissful state of Goa. It attracted me too and I planned to travel to Goa early in the month of December, 2014. I was advised not to leave Goa without visiting the “Flea Market” in Arpora. They even said that let yourself loose to enjoy the spirit of Goa. Following the tradition suggested by my friends and also some online well-wishers who had left positive reviews about the “Flea Market”, I paid a visit to this market and it was one of the best decisions that I had taken during […]

A day in Kochi

Covering your eyes with a blanket of green, As far as the eyes can perceive, Mellowing down the tiredness with a sheen, Where water forgets to dry, Where Trees grow faster than people, Where bliss is a gift you cannot miss, For me, this is God’s own Kochi. On the way to Fort Kochi  +Cynthia Vincent  With a scent of mud and mild droplets of rain for the entire year round, Kochi is a place that will enthrall you with every breath that you take. Water, land, green, boats and rain are a common state of affair for the people living here. But, for a […]

9 tips for a better travel

Lately, travelling excites me. Well, whom does it not? Ever since, I was a kid, I have always loved visiting new places, learning new cultures and meeting new people. Travelling is all about making memories all over the world. As Anita Desai says, “Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow”. If you have planned a travel once in your life, there is a taste that you get addicted to. It’s a healthy drug that gushes into your senses and cannot leave till you have visited every corner of the world.  I do not believe in paying extra money for a tour package where […]

The Peace-d place !! #Happy

Yesterday was Sunday and the best part of it was that I spent it in the city I love the most, “Pune“. It’s where my parents live and also the place where I lived most of my life in.  There is such a nostalgic feeling when I go to this city. I feel warm. I feel subtle. I feel complete right from the time I step my foot into the city. There is an aura that engulfs me and brings back all the memories. But there is something more beautiful about this place. It’s the home where I grew up. Specifically, the BALCONY. The hall in […]

Pisa – Tour to Italy

On the 6th day of our travel to Italy we set out on a half day tour to Pisa. We boarded a train from Florence’s Santa Maria Novella Station and reached Pisa. The railway station at Pisa was extremely small as compared to Florence or Rome. Pisa was quiet. It brought us back to an atmosphere where people live in a city to serve the tourists who came by. We found a fountain outside the Pisa Centrale Station and clicked a map of Pisa which was laid outside on a board. After seeing the board we realised that Pisa was not only known for the […]