Mumbai – A city, Bombay – A phenomenon

There’s always an emotional feeling attached to the city you grew up in. An alternate city that you move to can never replace that feeling. However, there are very few cities that make you feel welcome. By welcome, I mean that you can adjust yourself quickly to such places because there is always something here that reminds you of your home city. But Mumbai (Bombay, I still love calling it that way) is something all together. People move in here every single day for different reasons. While most of them move here in search of a better career, there are some who move here because […]

What happened to SHEENA BORA?

Three years ago, a young women in her early 20’s was head over heels in love with a man who was supposedly her step-nephew. Such great was a love-story that even the father of the boy and the apparent “jiju” of the girl was willing to get them married. To add a twist to this love saga, just like every other story, enters the step-sister of the girl who happens to be highly conservative about the entire story as she happens to be the boy’s step-mother. She tries her best to separate them as this woman feels it is extremely unvirtuous. A few days later, […]

India’s Daughter – BBC Documentary – A must Watch !!

In 2012, when I first heard about the rape of a young girl in a moving bus, I had felt an uneasiness in my stomach. The uneasiness twirled a few cells in my body and made me want to vomit. Today when I saw this video going viral on the internet, I felt the same. Even after 2 years, the uneasiness remains. The reason why it does is because the mindset remains the same. Even after the rapists were given the highest sentence, rapes continue to happen. Today when I watched the video, I was in tears. A young woman who would have grown to be […]

My unsafe world #Peshawar Attacks

There was one incident this week that brought everyone together; white, black; rich, poor and everyone alike. There comes a moment in history when the entire world gets divided at a ratio of 90:10. And the Bloody Black Tuesday was one such incident.  “The Peshawar Attacks” where 132 innocent children and 9 staff of the school were gruesomely massacred shattered the lives of the people who merely heard about it. One can only imagine the plight of the parents who had waited for their kids to return home from school. Sadly what came home was something that no parent would have dreamt of. Yesterday while […]

“Marriage” – The unavoidable tradition

The other day I happened to watch the second part of the famous Hollywood movie that was based on an even more famous television series called “Sex and the City”. The trouble-prone foursome go on a trip to the Middle East to witness some life-changing incidents. The movie ends with a quote by Carrie about Marriage which goes like this, “You have to take the tradition and decorate it, ‘your way’ “. This got me thinking. And I sprang up with this write-up.  Marriage is indeed a tradition, an age old one that no one can escape of. You can choose to stay away from […]

The Unreal wishlist

I wish that I was swallowed by a whirlwind and at the other end land into the era of Cinderella.  I wish that time ran at my pace; The sun rose with me and set with me. I wish my dreams were fulfilled by striking the magic lamp and asking Genie to work is ways. I wish I had free tickets to travel around the world, to touch the highest peak and sink into the deepest oceans.  I wish I never grew old and never be worried about wrinkles.  I wish finger licking dishes hung on trees and I never had to bother about what […]

#Inspirati presents – Round 2 – Episode 9 – Helter-Skelter

After successfully marching into the second round, My team #Inspirati and I are ready to enthrall you with some amazing fiction.  Read the first episode of the story Sharanya, here. Read the previous episode by Vidya Sury, here. And read Episode 9 here written by me.  *********Episode 9 *********** “Everything has fallen apart…. How did I miss it? What the hell was I doing?” He continued to stare from the bedroom window.  “It happened under my surveillance. How could I just let it happen?” Guilt driven, he continued to murmur in vain.  “I’ve lost signals from him as well. I feel disgusted. I need to do […]

Haiku – “Train”

Back to Haiku after a long time!! This Haiku is inspired by the prompt at Haiku Horizons. Wheels screech,time to leave Memories flash, come alive Like Leaves during fall Out he runs, Train halts Candy, juice and toy in hand, Dad,Tears turn to joy The first Haiku puts forth a scene where a person is reminded of something and his memories take him back in time as the train leaves.  The second Haiku is inspired by some events during my childhood. I remember travelling with my parents to Chennai every summer. My dad would run to the door as the train halted at every station. […]

Easy Biryani recipe

I was never very interested in cooking. But, post my wedding,(with no option in hand) I began to cook. Being a working woman, I try to figure out recipes that save a hell lot of time without compromising on the taste. On the other hand every recipe of mine will have a south Indian touch to it owing to my roots. Today I would like to present to you a very easy Chicken Biryani recipe which my husband and I made a couple of days ago and tasted lovely. Wait a second we did not invent it !! I got it from my Mom and […]

I want to become _________ when I grow up !! Aspirations as a kid.

Do you remember that as a kid, there might have been a number of times when you were questioned about what you wanted to be when you grew up? I’m sure your answer would have varied every year depending on various factors. Of which the major factor would have been media or the people surrounding you. When Indians made history in the Aeronautical space you may have wanted to grow up and become a scientist and work for NASA. Or after watching a famous circus show you may have wanted to become a part of it after being fascinated by the artists who flew high […]