Mumbai – A city, Bombay – A phenomenon

There’s always an emotional feeling attached to the city you grew up in. An alternate city that you move to can never replace that feeling. However, there are very few cities that make you feel welcome. By welcome, I mean that you can adjust yourself quickly to such places because there is always something here that reminds you of your home city.

But Mumbai (Bombay, I still love calling it that way) is something all together. People move in here every single day for different reasons. While most of them move here in search of a better career, there are some who move here because of the tantalizing effect it has on people.

I’ve always felt that there is a Bombay for everyone. For the rich, for the poor, for the weak and for the strong. But there is one thing that is common among all these people, “It is the strength to survive” The strength to never give up, the strength to keep going. You are not born with it, this city teaches you.

People speak about the spirit of Bombay, how the city never sleeps and how it rises up every time after having a great fall.  Be it the riots in 1993, or the recurrent bomb blasts or the rains, the city live through it. The people wake up the next day without having the slightest flinch of fear.

Although I complain about the three-months of torrential rainfall in Mumbai, nothing can beat the feeling of sipping a hot cup of masala chai and watching the rain. It’s just the most surreal feeling that should be experienced to understand.

You can find anything you want in this city. From the cheapest of the cheap to the most expensive, you’ll find it all here. From Bollywood to television, it’s all made here. Just like the American┬ádream, people from small towns move to Mumbai and before they know it, they’ve made it their home.

I’ve lived in Mumbai for a year now. Coming from a quieter city, I can’t say I love this city. Although it does get to you when you see a sea of people, melt in the sweltering heat or get choked with the severe traffic on the roads, spending an evening by Marine Drive can make you forgive the menace in the city.

In the subsequent posts, I will speak about the numerous things you could do in Mumbai.

Mumbai, may be a city, but Bombay is so much more. The word, I truly believe connects the people here. Hence, It is a phenomenon for me. Have you ever been to Bombay? Or do you live here? What is it for you? A city, a phenomenon or something else.

The view of the Taj from the Gateway of India.
The view of the Taj from the Gateway of India.


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