Anegan #Movie Review

After having watched the trailer of the movie just once and having a great expectation from Dhanush after his impressive performance in “Ranjhanaa”, I decided to take my mom-in-law and grandmother for the movie. “Anegan” is a romantic thriller that begins from the captivating scenery of Burma and travels across different era’s and time to give you a story that lasts beyond a number of lifetimes. The story transcends to different generations gives you a lovely characterization of the people in that period of time. The story begins at Burma where Munaruna(played by Dhanush), a Tamil Labourer and Samudra(played by Amyra), daughter of a Tamil […]

Love makes the most impractical thing practical!!

Love for me is something that I have felt and experienced. Like every girl, I have always wanted to have a partner with whom I could fall in love head over heels every single day for the rest of my life. I did find one such person and today I am married to him for 9 months and even today I feel just the same as I felt that day when I fell in love with him. Just the thought of writing a blog post on love that is dedicated to him makes my heart beat faster that usual. A slight smile tries to curve […]

The revived love for Cricket #IndvsPak – World Cup 2014 #BleedBlue

It’s been almost 8 years since I watched the last match between India and Pakistan. It was in the year 2007 when India defeated Pakistan by 5 runs to win the T20 Cricket World Cup. What a proud moment that was? I remember that day very clearly. I was in my final year of graduation and the TV connection was disconnected due to some technical issues. It gave us a reason to enjoy the world cup with our neighbors. And the joy it brought to us when India won is something that gives me pride even today after such a long time. Over the years, […]

Book Launch of “Frozen Summer and Columbina”

“Frozen Summer and Columbina” is the amalgamation of two different psychological thrillers by two young authors from two different cities sharing only one thing in common – their love for writing fiction. Published by Half Baked Beans Publishing House in association with The star studded book launch was held in Bangalore at a cozy bookstore called “Atta Galatta” on the 7th of February. The leading south Indian actress – Regina Cassandra, standup comedians – Sanjay Manaktala and Tushar Singh and Singer Alexis D’souza unveiled the book.  Regina unveiled the book and handed it over to Sanjay and Alexis. Poppers were splashed and music surrounded […]

The woman of the moment or the man who ran !! #Kiran Bedi vs #Arvind Kejriwal

The Delhi elections has begun to look like a tale of mockery where two highly educated individuals of different sex are fighting by putting their morals at stake. When we knew that AAP would unanimously bring Arvind Kejriwal at the forefront to stand for the post of the CM, we were clueless who would the BJP’s candidate in the making be. And while we could contemplate and evaluate the prospects we were shaken from our very ground when the announcement was made that it would be none other than the (then)dynamic Kiran Bedi. It took me a while to assimilate the entire situation. It shook me and […]

What is it to live as a girl in Delhi?

It scares me. The thought of it reminds me of the 16th December incident. The Nirbhaya story has left an indelible scar in the life of every Indian woman. I have visited Delhi once. It was years ago when I was in the 3rd grade. I had toured around Delhi with my parents. The lotus temple is all I remember today. It was meant to be one of the most peaceful places in Delhi. I had found Delhi inviting as a kid. But today, alas it is not the same. Recently, my husband had been receiving a lot of job offers from companies that were […]

The spark in every relationship

Over a cup of coffee with a friend yesterday, we began speaking about “The Spark” that exists in a relationship. Many people believe that there is no such thing called spark that exists and after a few years in a relationship, it all dies down. Infact after a few years what remains is just a compromise. But I say, let your relationship not be based on compromises. That’s the worst string that can attach the two of you in a relationship. My friend spoke of his other friend who had always dreamt of marrying a girl who was smart and shared the same ideologies. But […]

The Downtown Flea – Come untangle yourself !!

The month of December is known to gather tourists from around the world to the blissful state of Goa. It attracted me too and I planned to travel to Goa early in the month of December, 2014. I was advised not to leave Goa without visiting the “Flea Market” in Arpora. They even said that let yourself loose to enjoy the spirit of Goa. Following the tradition suggested by my friends and also some online well-wishers who had left positive reviews about the “Flea Market”, I paid a visit to this market and it was one of the best decisions that I had taken during […]

My unsafe world #Peshawar Attacks

There was one incident this week that brought everyone together; white, black; rich, poor and everyone alike. There comes a moment in history when the entire world gets divided at a ratio of 90:10. And the Bloody Black Tuesday was one such incident.  “The Peshawar Attacks” where 132 innocent children and 9 staff of the school were gruesomely massacred shattered the lives of the people who merely heard about it. One can only imagine the plight of the parents who had waited for their kids to return home from school. Sadly what came home was something that no parent would have dreamt of. Yesterday while […]

Touch of Life #BringBackTheTouch

Sarah was depressed. Not for a day or two, but since 5 months. There was no reason for her depression. From the outside, nothing seemed to be shady. She had the perfect job in an ad agency. She was pretty, talented, smart and sensible. She had worked hard for the past 5 years in her job and she was a go-getter ever since she was a child. Sometimes, success makes you lonely and it was the same for Sarah. She was a loner. She never had friends. She never had a social life. She never interacted. She spoke less and kept to herself. But she […]